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    Since 1978 our family’s privately held investment group – Postal Properties - has been purchasing U.S. Post Offices across the nation and maintaining them to the utmost standards.

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  • USPS® Leased Properties

    Did you know the United States Postal Service® (USPS) leases more than 25,000 spaces across the county for individual postal facilities? Yes, they only own a fraction of their USPS® offices. All the other postal properties are privately owned and leased to the USPS for monthly rent.

  • We are a privately held investment group that acquires and leases facilities to the USPS®. We currently own and maintain over 50 (make sure this is fair statement… over XX locations) locations across the nation. For small town and rural locations leasing is much more economical for the USPS®. 

    Privately Owned USPS® Locations

    Since 1978 our family-owned company has been purchasing U.S. Post Offices and maintaining them to the utmost standards. As commercial real estate professionals, we pride ourselves on our exceptional reputation of transparency, timely maintenance and clear and effective communication. No one maintains USPS® locations like Postal Properties.

    Are you ready to sell your USPS® investment?

    Do you or your family own a postal location leased to the USPS®? Are ready to sell your investment? No matter the situation, we are ready to buy. No need to go through the hassle of listing your USPS® location. Let us help you cash in on your investment quickly and easily. Our purchase decisions are often made within hours.

    If you are interested in selling a U.S. Post Office please contact Ron at (317) 418-7711 or email us at Ron@postalproperties.com.